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The skin and bones of the songs that helped him through cancer and depression to the realization that everyone experiences emotional pain and needs consolation for it. He hopes that by sharing his scars, others can find the solace they need to know they are not alone in their pain.


released February 20, 2014

Album Artwork by Michel Borden
Copyright 2014 THENVOY



all rights reserved


THENVOY Nashville, Tennessee

Singer/songwriter Jeremy Hicks was told to find a new profession after a cancerous tumor in his chest left one of his vocal chords paralyzed. Still he began to write new songs in attempt to cope with his emotional state. Over time, however, a raw, cutting voice came out of him that would give life to those songs. THENVOY is the moniker in which he shares them to aid in consolation. ... more

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Track Name: Broken Man's Song
Broken Man’s Song

Heal my body heal my soul
This bitterness is getting old
My feet are heavy my thoughts are weak
But I’ll stumble to the streams where my heart can drink

Cuz it’s as cold as the tears down my face
From which it flows to the pity of my weakest state So I’ll hold to the comfort of my pain
Till I’m forced to run this race again

I hear the voice of a broken man’s song
His wispy words of a desolate wood They’re carrying me and now growing strong Like a garden that grows from ashes and soot

Now I can see the diamond in the dirt
From where it’s shining through the broken glass and hurt
And the silver lining is creeping into view
Till the sun blinds my cynical eyes

So my bitterness has blossomed into sweet
Crushing my darkest dreams and flooding them with hope and peace
And the crackling ice is melting off my heart
Shedding sorrow tears but bleeding tears of joy

What song will you sing when your soul gets free

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: Colors As Of Wine
Colors As Of Wine
By: THENVOY & Russ Crawford

I missed my daughter’s first steps waiting for her to run
I wasted rain on my cheeks wishing for the sun

I’m just striving for something that can’t be caught
I’m stuck in a school and I can’t be taught
Cursing my feet as I wish for wings
You ask me to dance but I want to sing

Looking past the gold leaves as they fall
Dreaming of the sunset that I saw (colors as of wine)
I’m stomping the precious heart I stole
As I reach for a new hand to hold

All my life I was chasing a truth that was chasing me
And as reached for what wasn’t there I finally came to see what was there

I wont strive for nothing that wont be caught
I can’t sit in a school where I can’t be taught
I will run with my feet and forget those wings
And I’ll dance with you as I try to sing

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: Fire Against Your Chest
Fire Against Your Chest

I cried in the arms of your comfort
Pulling from the pain in my past
The tears that fell on the open wounds
Became the seal for them to heal

My senses numb to all emotion
But screaming to feel something that will fill
The void between who I am and what I’ve done
To erase this urge I have to kill

I’m trying to find something that’s worth sticking around for
And I’m thinking that I might throw on
Some flesh-flavored fuel for the fire

But the rains will come and quench my thirst
So why should I ever deserve the flame

But you can’t carry fire against your chest
And your clothes no be burned

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: Growing Pains
Growing Pains

Planted and grown the leaves they’ve shown
The crisp in the cold turns green and gold
Then the clouds appear and the storm draws near
Though the winds bring pain the clouds still hold the rain

The aging rose withering wondering what it’s become
From the day of bloom to the crystal moon
The rocks and thieves try to sabotage the seed
But the roots run too deep for the rose to turn to weeds

Even a prideful rose has to die before it grow
And a river reaches places it’s source never knows
Whether in pain or fear or the blood-sweat tears
Sometimes you have to hurt before you can heal

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: Lies Underneath
Lies Underneath

I wish you were laying in my bed
So I could hold you the way you need
You soak up my arms with your tears
And pour your heart out into mine

So I’m calling up from underneath
Begging please please please relent to be so fierce

I’m wishing for ways to turn the tide
To feel what ‘s true to feel what’s right
I’m gonna tear down these walls with you
Speaking to the hammer

See I’m holding on to the belief
That baby true beauty lies underneath
And simply what we see in your semblance
Is only proof of release of a glimpse

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: The Ones That Speak
The Ones That Speak

All we have are the choices we make the decisions that take hold
Of life we cannot mold to a fork in the road
Where words and actions meet

This war we fighting of our souls to bear
The victory from our side has been declared
But our swords are drawn our shields are gripped the fight’s not done
It wages in our hearts

Because when silence is golden and talk is cheap
The actions we take are the ones that speak

Well you’ve got your choices and I’ve got mine
But what we make of them is the greatest divide
Of who we are and who we’ll be
The pulse rate of our veins

The choice to love the choice to hate
The choice to give the choice to take
The choice to numb the choice to feel
The choice to hurt the choice to heal

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: The Stars To Stare At
The Stars To Stare At

You still got the stars to stare at
The brightest lights in the darkest nights

Pain for pain blood for blood is you
You say it’s the only way for me to know what’s true
Cuz I have to find a way for me and you

All my fear is gone
The light has stolen the darkness’ bones
And the tears of fall they crawl and find their place

Copyright Vagrant LLC
Track Name: Vagrant

There stands a man with a wounded heart who wasn’t left with scars on his skin
He bears the marks of the pain he felt from the cards that dealt his lonely life

But he doesn’t come to find where the truth resides
But to curse and cry just to feel alive

He cracks the door to his vagrant mind for the sun to shine through the wind
The clouds are thick and the dust is stirred where no hope deferred him to see

That he doesn’t have to fight all the pain inside
Save the suicidal thoughts again

Can you rip out this dagger from my chiseled chest
Or untie the knot in my stomach
Cuz I know the truth that lies in these brittle bones
And it burns like fire

Copyright Vagrant LLC